Failure to Pay Minimum Wages

Failure to Pay Minimum Wages

Not being sufficiently paid is one of the biggest complaints of employees. Fortunately, both federal and state laws protect employees, and ensure that they will receive at least a minimum wage for the work they perform.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for employers to ignore minimum wage laws. Very often employers completely ignore all minimum wage laws, especially when paying their employees “under the table” in cash. The employer typically will not offer any benefits, or withhold any taxes. It’s common in those occupations for the employees to be in the country illegally, or to be new immigrants, and to have a limited understanding of the English language. Employers may see an opportunity to take advantage of the employees, who they may decide will be unaware of their legal rights, or fearful of enforcing them. In some cases, when an employee mentions minimum wage laws to an employer, the employer may decide to retaliate, such as by firing the employee. That is illegal as well.

Although there are some exceptions, almost all employees in California must be paid the minimum wage as required by state law. Effective January 1, 2017, the minimum wage for all industries will be increased yearly. From January 1, 2017, to January 1, 2022, the minimum wage will increase for employers employing 26 or more employees.

On January 1, 2020, the minimum wage in Los Angeles County increased to $13 per hour for employers with 26 or more employees and $12 per hour for employees with 25 or fewer employees. Effective January 1, 2021, the minimum wage in Los Angeles County increases to $14.00 per hour for employers with 26 or more employees and $13.00 per hour for employees with 25 or fewer employees.The minimum wage will be adjusted on a yearly basis through 2023.

If an employer fails to pay minimum wage, the employee can either file a wage claim with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, or file a lawsuit in court against the employer in order to recover the lost wages

If you believe you have been paid below minimum wage, or if you believe you have been retaliated against for raising California minimum wage laws with your employer, give us a call at 855-IM-FIRED for a free case evaluation. Our attorneys have substantial experience with these types of cases representing individuals who are being paid below the minimum wage or who are experiencing backlash from their employer simply for raising minimum law issues with their employer.  

There are no up-front costs and you do not pay any attorneys’ fees unless we get a recovery in the case.

Contact our Los Angeles California employment attorneys and lawyers now for all of your employee rights’ needs! 

  • Age Discrimination
  • Sex/Gender Discrimination
  • Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Military Status Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Battery
  • Hostile Work Environment
  • Whistleblower Violations
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination (LGBTQIA+)
  • Race/National Origin Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination
  • Family Medical Leave Act/California Family Rights Act Violations
  • Failure to Pay Minimum Wages
  • Unsafe Workplace
  • Unpaid Wages
  • Unpaid Overtime
  • Meal Period And Rest Break Violations
  • Misclassification as an Independent Contractor
  • Retaliation
  • Wrongful Termination


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