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Emma C.

I have been so completely satisfied with my decision to work with Bardia. I truly have had nothing but good experiences with this group and I cannot express my appreciation to Bardia Akhavan who was my associate attorney for my case enough. Thank you for everything. To just give a few words of my experience: professional, consistent, understanding, informative, supportive in my decision to not settle (for employers final offer), never leaving me to wonder or guess for there vision in the case, I felt understood and valued. Thank you again for being there for me during this very stressful time.

Mia W.

Bardia was very diligent and helped guide me in the right way with my case. He answered all of my questions and helped me through the process. He returned my calls in a timely manner and kept me informed the entire time. My attorney took it so personally and made sure that I was going to be reimbursed for the wrong that I was done. We were successful!!

Christine W.

Absolutely wonderful experience! Very straightforward and easy process, thanks for all the help you guys. Highly recommended.

Would definitely use again if I had another legal matter.

Ranelle M.

I want to thank Bardia personally for working so hard and finding all the facts to help me win my settlement. Always kind, caring, patient, and persistent. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking legal help.

Evon S.

Bardia was great he pushed me to get what he thought I deserved and I appreciate it I would definitely refer him to friends and family thank you guys so much

Camille F.

They’re all about their customers and they fight to win and succeed ! I appreciate everything my attorney Bardia did for me and would recommend him to anybody.

Tracy B.

They were very helpful with me. Explained everything so I understood. Worked as fast as they could with my case. I definitely would refer the group to friends and family.

Christopher A.

Outstanding! I mean it. From start to finish everything went smoothly. The entire staff was great especially my Attorney, shout out to Bardia Akhavan. He got the job done and everything turned out better than I expected. I’m glad I chose him. I highly recommend them.

May Y.

Thanks for all the effort everyone worked on my case! Bardia is awesome! My case was settled with a fair number which is I didn’t expect it. Thank you all.

Kiara J.

What can I say it been a pleasure to work with you guys I feel like I have the best lawyer my case I finally closed and I couldn’t be happier my attorney was the bomb. he had the solution to all my problems although I made things hard by not listening to him but he still pushed forward being the best he can be and again thank you Bardia you are awesome and I recommend to anyone if you’re looking for an attorney request Bardia

Deborah E.

Outstanding legal representation with phenomenal results. My case was settled quickly by an expert team. My team was available at all times to provide to address my questions and concerns. Highly recommended!

Ron C.

Working with Mr. Akhavan was positive from beginning to end. He regularly updated me on my case and answered all of my questions with confidence and care. They went above and beyond and in the end and I received more than I expected. Thank you Mr. Akhavan for the wonderful experience!

Kris D.

My experience was excellent! I feel they worked hard for me on my behalf ! They were always available for me when I had questions and very understanding of what I had been through and very helpful in resolving the issue! I’m very pleased with my settlement, I would highly recommend them as they were very helpful and knowledgeable! Thank you so much for all your help!

Ray M.

I recommend this company to any individual dealing with employment injustice, very caring, persistent people willing to solve the matters at hand. I’d like to thank Bardia personally for sticking with my claim and being available any time I had a question or concern. He always followed up with me, made sure to collect all the facts and after time passed we came out successful 10 out of 10!

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